Interested in Valpo

<p>Just trying to see who all on CC is interested in Valpo. I've been accepted for Fall of 2010 and I'm considering attending. I like the school, and I would like to discuss it with other prospective students.</p>

<p>Let's see some posts!</p>

<p>Bump. Are there any current students who would be willing to answer a few questions?</p>

<p>Actually, I just applied today after I decided not to fill out my UChicago app today.</p>

<p>It really seems like a nice school. Never visited, but I do have friends that just moved to a neighboring city (part of the reason why I decided to apply there instead of UChicago....)</p>

<p>The app itself was easy, and I do have a friend with a seroius interest in the school.</p>

<p>I like Valpo's location in that it is close to Chicago but not in an entirely urban area. </p>

<p>Do you have a serious interest in the school? What other schools did you apply to?</p>

<p>I have a moderate interest in the school. If they choose to offer a great FA package to me, I will seriously consider attending.</p>

<p>As for other schools I'm applying to.......</p>

<p>Let's just say that my list is WAY too long. I got too tempted by the Common App and schools that have free applications. Out of the 30 I'm applying to, I only paid for about 6 apps, and re-used many essays as most are similar in topic and ALL stemmed from the Miami (OH) Honors Application from HELL.</p>

<p>Here's my list.......

Roanoke College
Cornell ILR
Wash. U in St. Louis
Denison U
Butler U
IL Inst. of Tech
Stevens Inst. of Tech
Case Western
Indiana U
Miami (Ohio) (honors)
Ohio Northern U
U of Dayton (Honors)
U of Rochester
Ohio U
Union (NY)
John Carroll
U of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Ohio Wesleyan
Shawnee State
Marietta College</p>

<p>My daughter was also accepted for Fall 2010. Are you planning to attend one of the Visit Days?</p>

<p>I will be attending the Honors Visit day in Feb. I'm really excited about Christ College and it will be my first time on campus. Does anyone who has visited before have any hotel recommendations?</p>

<p>I just returned home from helping D move back in after a semester abroad!
We recommend the Holiday Inn Express located several blocks east of campus.
Valpo has several really great restaurants, too, if you are interested. I recommend Maria Elenas west of campus or Don Quixote downtown.
D chose Valpo because of Christ College and I think you will be impressed.
Good luck!</p>

<p>Heck, Merrilville's got everything imaginable.</p>

<p>A litttle tacky (and slightly scary/ghetto), but the Country Inn that way is great. I always stay up there when I go to Chi-town (even though staying in-town is far superior....but more expensive).</p>

<p>The Best Western is alright, the Fairfield is extremely ghetto/scary, The HI XPress is typical/bland with the chain's suckish continental breakfast, the Radisson is nice but too pricey for what you get, Lees Inn up the street is quite possibly the most horrific 3-diamond rated (by AAA) inn you'll ever find, and lodging choices go down from there (I'm pretty sure the Best Inn is a great place to get hookers..... a little too close for comfort to other lodging, though). </p>

<p>Hobart/Merrilville does have a SuperTarget and Meijer in town, so brownie points there, but you do feel the wrath of Gary up the street. The vibe is definitely more poverty/white trash than the rest of Chicagoland (growing up in a steel town and working in a ghetto 'burb, this is decidedly comfortable for me, but not great for all). </p>

<p>Although I've never been to Valpo the town itself, I've heard it's decidedly more white-collar than Hobart/Merrilville, like described above, and more like Chesterton, Crown Point, or Schrerville.</p>

<p>I'm looking into transferring to Valpo. I actually never heard of the school until recently. My brother started dating this girl, and her uncle is the vice president of the school. She told me about Valpo, so I decided to look into it. I love that it is in a smaller town and only a short drive away from Chicago! The school really seems to fit me on paper, so I applied. I'm hoping to visit soon.</p>

<p>Did anyone attend the Christ College visit day last weekend? Did the visit make or break your decision?</p>

<p>My S was there, but we're waiting for Valpo's full financial package, as well as full packages from other schools.</p>

<p>Valpo pops up from time to time on my list of maybes. Anyone know what the GPA and test score cutoffs generally are for Christ College?</p>

<p>I'm in the Christ College freshman program right now. My high school GPA was 3.41 unweighted, 3.81 weighted. On the SAT, I had 720 Verbal, 580 Math, and 670 Writing. My ACT was 29.</p>

<p>One thing a student has to keep in mind if he or she wants to stay in CC is that they have a minimum 3.3 overall GPA requirement, plus he or she has to make at least a 3.3 in all Christ College classes.</p>

<p>By the way, I am more than willing to field questions about student life, Christ College stuff, etc. I love Valpo, and I love sharing information about my school!</p>

<p>Thanks for that. My grades and scores are a little higher that yours but not dramatically different, so Christ College might be a good fit at least based on my stats. I'm looking for a small school with a strong physics dept. and good opportunities for research and internships. I also want access to a broad interdisciplinary curriculum so that's why CC interests me.</p>

<p>Hi, I just got accepted into Valpo for fall 2011. I was wondering what the atmosphere and social life was like there..</p>

<p>Friendly campus, serious academics; Phi Beta Kappa chapter</p>

<p>I've found many people at Valpo to be very welcoming. There is a small-medium Greek presence on campus, if you want to get involved with that. There's all kinds of different organizations that you can get involved in. Is there any kind of organization you would really like to know more about?</p>

<p>In regards to academics, we have several honors societies, and most people I know take their grades pretty seriously.</p>