interesting huh?

<p>It would me interesting if you could give me some good feedback, that would be really appretiated </p>

Born in Venezuela moved as a freshman here with basic english skills
Private School with no rank - probably in top 10%
SAT's not taken - probabli around the 1350's
SAT 2 - took world history in 10th grade to prove that I could to bether than a a 680
Fluent in spanish, and i can communicate in hebrew and french
im takng the toefl, and the sat 2's in american history, biology, and math. should get all over 700</p>

<p>Looking for one of those medical programs that combine undergraduate studies and medical school...maybe penn, um, northwestern, brown, rochester. And if I cant get in I wanna study pre-med at penn, northwestern, or some other ivy. Please recommend me some colleges that I may want to take a look at.</p>

<p>9th grade:
Straight A's in all my classes, but I was in all regulars because it was my first year.</p>

<p>10th grade: all A's except a B in world history. All honors this year(I took the sat II to prove that I knew the material).</p>

<p>11th grade: English AP, Bio AP, American History AP, PHysics Honors, Precalc Honors, and french honors.</p>

<p>12th Grade: predicted schedule - Physics C AP, Calculus AP, Spanish Lit AP, American Government AP, English Lit AP, and Psychology AP.</p>

<p>AS you can see I have been improving all through high school and I managed to get into english AP in my third year in the states. Do you think they will appreciate that?</p>

Internations Affairs Club
Premed club - secretary in 11th
Member of the National Forensics league
Over 250 community service hours and actually volunteering at a local hospital
Mu Alpha Teta - Vice president in 11th
*National Honor Society and French Honor Society during 10th grade but I got dismissed. Do you think I can still put that in my college application? will I have to say that i was dismissed from them? Please tell me this since I am very nervious about it.</p>

JV soccer captain in 9th grade
Varsity 10th and 11th, hopefully captain in 12th
Played with travel soccer team with which i went to state cups and was finalist of the south florida first division.</p>

<p>THe ones that got here thanks for reading it, I will greatly appreciate all the feedback that you can give me. Thank You very much.</p>

<p>sorry for the typos i was writing it in a rush</p>

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<p>Here's the deal man. The Med programs are sticklers on stats, so Brown, Northwestern, etc are pretty much bigtime reaches. There are lesser programs out there (like ohio 6-yr school) that you will get into, but remember that they are innately less prestigious. If just becoming a doctor is what you want to do, then this is fine because in the middle of Illinois your patients are unlikely to care whether you went to WUSTL or Wright State for med school. No Joke.</p>

<p>On the other hand if your aim is to go to a top school for grad and undergrad and be some high level doctor, then there is no doubt you should go to a better school. My advice after seeing my friends is simple, avoid the pre-med factories. JHU and Cornell are great, but are super competitive pre-med (more so than HYPS) and you might wash out and will likely end up at a lesser med school. On the other hand, there are plenty of top schools you might do better at away from the pressure cooker environment. </p>

<p>My recommendations are Brown, Penn, Dartmouth, Vassar, UNC-CH, Northwestern, Middlebury.</p>