interesting sat question, about the sat not a an actual q

<p>for colleges that superscore the SAT (i.e give the highest out of all 3 sections, ) </p>

<p>i got a 12 on my essay, and 560 on on writing without essay for a 630 combined.</p>

<p>but i am retaking the SAT, and lets say i get a 10 on my essay and 580 without essay and get a 620.</p>

<p>will my 12 essay be added to my 580 sat in a superscore, or is it only superscored when writing and essay are combined so it would be a 630 again?</p>

<p>im pretty sure its only the superscore of the ones that were already combined, so it would be your 10 and 580 vs your 12 and 560</p>

<p>nope. cant use essay to superscore</p>

<p>Yeah too bad you couldn't. Wouldn't it be great too if they superscored your sc and passage questions in the cr section. I would've done so much better...</p>