Interfaith/Interratial Relationship

<p>What do you guys think of Interfaith/Interratial Relationship?</p>

<p>I think intteratial is nice, sometimes when you mix up races they produce beautiful children. Not every time but for the most part is nice.</p>

<p>I agree. Some of the most beautiful people are mixed races. Though different culture/religion may cause some conflict, I think it makes it constantly interesting to learn about your other's culture/faith.</p>

<p>Well it depends. I'm black and I would date out of my race, but faith is different. If you're Catholic and your partner is Buhddist, it could hurt your relationship if you're not very open people. When you become involved in interracial/interfaith relationships, you can't be one of those people who always has to be right.</p>

<p>Interracial relationships make beautiful children. Especially the black/Asian combo... adorable babies! I'm black and I love all races. But with the interfaith... I don't know... I would want to have someone to believes the same things as me. You just can't mixed monotheist and polytheist together. It's wrong.</p>

<p>What?? I can't believe you guys are saying this. Interfaith relationships don't pose a problem at all if the couple is in love. I've only ever liked Jewish guys and I'm not Jewish. </p>

<p>You don't think there are differences between black and white cultures? There is. When they get together, there's a compromise. Same thing with interfaith.</p>

<p>Pretty much everyone in America is part of an interfaith/interracial/internationality relationship. Imagine how silly in would sound if someone said that if your Italian, you can only date Italians. Laughing at the black/asian combo post, someone apparently has a thing for Tiger Woods.</p>

<p>lol there are a lot of white/asian mixes at my school and they're all either really hot or really ugly. </p>

<p>Out of the people I've dated, I've actually only really liked the ones that weren't of my race. Do you think there is anything specific that controls what race we're attracted to? Like, talking about liking just one race gets into the whole fetish thing, but maybe it's not something we even control.</p>

<p>I would date someone who has a very different religion than mine. I've decided on my own religion/religious beliefs, I'm not part of any one organized religion, and I've liked many Catholics, Atheists, and Taoists. I am very openminded about religion, but I completley understand why someone would not want to date someone who had a different relgion than them.</p>

<p>Of course I would date someone who isn't the same race as me.</p>

<p>I don't think people should have how the babies will LOOK as the first thing that comes to their mind on this topic. People are beautiful because of their personalities, I don't understand how people can see beauty in just how something is shaped/colored... I don't see "beauty" or "ugliness" in that. I think beauty is too sophisticated of a term to describe physical attractiveness, and I don't ever use the word in that sense. Sure, I've thought that guys were hot, but seeing an extremley good looking guy has never invoked a sense of beauty in me or left me in awe, no matter how gorgeous his eyes were or whatever. A guy's eyes have nothing to do with his brain.</p>

<p>I have trouble understanding this concept of how people are supposed to adopt a culture just because their skin color matches the other's who are part of it, they should adopt it because their mind likes the ideas the culture is associated with, not because their skin color shows them that they should have that culture. I don't understand why kids are expected to carry on their parent's culture, just because I share their genetics, it doesn't mean they own my mind. I haven't adopted many parts of the US's culture, and I evaluate how logical silly social guidlines are before I let them change the way I act.</p>

<p>I know as a Christian I could never be with someone who isn't protestant, I'm baptist, but I wouldn't care if they were methodist, lutheran, etc., but I couldn't be with someone who is catholic or Jewish or Muslum or Budhist, because I simply don't believe it, and I think it would cause so many issues, what about if you have children? Most times one person has to give up their religion, or at least not have it be the dominant one in their home, and I could never do that. It's easier to adjust to cultures than it is to adjust to faiths, for me.</p>

<p>Dude, Catholics are Christians. Catholicism encompassed all of Christianity until some splinter groups (Lutherans, Methodists, Pentacostal etc.) felt the Pope was corrupt and broke away from the original church. The only current major difference between Catholics and the other Christian groups is that those guys take the bible literally while Catholics actually interpret it.</p>

<p>I just realized you said "someone who isn't protestant." You are correct in saying that Catholics are not protestant. I have found that many men in an interfaith relationship give up their religion for the woman's religion. What gives here? I don't know from experience having only dated Catholics, but I would find it impossible to switch religions for the sake of some girl. This poses the ultimate question, would you be willing to switch religions for the sake of your partner?</p>

<p>my big fat greek wedding! haha</p>

<p>I could never switch religions for a guy, what if the relationship ended? I think that says something about how important your religion is to you in the first place. If religion is important to you, than you shouldn't give it up for someone else, and I wouldn't want someone to give up their religion for me.</p>

<p>But, if were all intellectual we would be open to any new experience to understand it and accept it rather than being ethnocentric. I went to many countries as a child and studied at their schools, being a child you have not been influenced by the media or anybody else its your own experience and you learn.</p>

<p>I'm accepting of other religions, but for the time being, I'm secure in my faith and unless I find a good reason to switch religions, I won't. There's a connection between culture and faith, but there's also a difference.</p>

<p>Well, I'm the child of an interfaith relationship (my mom's Episcopalian and my dad's Jewish) and am currently dating a Catholic guy, and I seem to have turned out alright. I mean, sure, I'm not a practicing Christian or Jew, but I know, respect, and believe in many aspects of both faith. I believe in God and I believe in carrying on the traditions of my family. For me, it's not so much an issue of whether or not you and your partner belong to the same faith, but more an issue of understanding where you both stand and respecting that. Then again, I'm from San Francisco, the most liberal and "accepting" place on earth, so what do I know, lol. But basically, my point is that yes, there are inherent issues in a interfaith relationship, but they can be worked through and if you love somebody then that is more important than anything else, cause honestly, why would you fall in love if God didn't intend you to be together at least for the time being?</p>

<p>I have dated and will continue to date girls who have a different religion that I do (i'm a muslim). It's not very hard and actually it's interesting because you get to experience aspects of another religion. Ofcourse, if you're orthodox/traditional and follow your religion word by word then it becomes a huge problem. But i'm not that religious and i just believe in the basics, so i usually don't have any problems.</p>

<p>Marriage is another issue. I wouldn't "give up" my religion and I don't expect the other person to "give up" theirs. But I believe we can easily have a compromise and if we love eachother, nothing should get in the way, even religion.</p>

<p>Interracial dating is cool if the interest is geniune, not based on some fetish or socio-political motive. Interfaith dating is cool also, but I think marriage could pose a problem. Especially if the individuals are devout followers of religions that have extremely different values and ideas.</p>