INTERIOR DESIGN major thoughts?

<p>Sorry in advance but this may be a long post to read:/</p>

<p>So I graduated high school without knowing where I want to go for college and what I wanted to do.</p>

<p>My dad told me I should just go to a technical college and get a certificate/license/degree
and use it in life.</p>

<p>I started into a interior design program that lasts 18 months, and I was REALLY excited.</p>

<p>I stayed for 2 quarters and I quit.. my parents know me for "quitting" everything I start.</p>

<p>My main reasons, I quit this technical college interior design program is because of the instructors... they are professional designers but I didn't like how their curriculum was set up and I didn't think they did a good job of teaching.</p>

<p>Although I paid for all of my tuition, books and materials off of my financial aid, I think it was overpriced.</p>

<p>Later, I reflected on why I "truly quit" and I realized... I didn't think I had the potential or talent to stick around and finish this career path.</p>

<p>Now, I moved to California and I'm working on my GE's right now but I am stuck.</p>

<p>I don't know what I want to do in life... I researched so many majors and careers...within the 10 months I moved here after I quit school.</p>

<p>Each time I look for a different major/career... I always end up looking at a page that has to do with Interior design..</p>

<p>Honestly.. I have wanted to go into fashion design...graphic design... anything design related basically.. but I didn't have the go into any of those because.. I don't want to compare myself to those.. who have special talents and also experience at younger ages... learning things on their own.</p>

<p>I never... learned how to sew or make dresses.. I never glued my eyes onto a computer and learned how to make websites... graphics... and things like other little kids learn to do these days...</p>

<p>Interior design was the only thing that I was interested in that seemed to make sense because what kind of person would know how to design interior spaces as a child?</p>

<p>But.. while I was attending the technical college.. there were a lot of older women (mothers who already have 2-3 kids) that seem to know what they are doing because they decorate their own homes every now and then.</p>

<p>Asides from talents and colors, Interior design isn't just about matching colors and arranging where furniture goes right?</p>

<p>I don't want a career that deals with science and math like everyone else.. but its also about making a blueprint.. making floor plans and lighting fixtures, I actually enjoyed learning about that kind of stuff...</p>

<p>I might not be very creative but I can do the drafting and things sort of welll...</p>

<p>Now my point is...</p>

<p>I already started and quitted interior design... do I want to try it one more time?</p>

<p>And which colleges in California would you recommend?
(please no art schools, just UC's or CSU's)</p>