Interior ideas for building empty nest lake home

And screened porches. I wish mine was larger! I have a tiny patio, but I don’t care about it, but the porch could easily be twice as big. (Of course it would help if our backyard were also twice as big!)


Yes, to larger screened porches. We had one that was 10 X 30 years ago, and the width was great but we wished we’d made it at least 12 ft deep instead, and 14 would have been lovely.

The screened porch on the house under construction is 16 X 32. It was how I persuaded H to not make the house any larger. Now I have to find a comfortable porch bed for him. He looks forward to sleeping there once the weather cools this fall.


The idea of a “porch bed” just sounds lovely!


We have a pretty big screened in porch (18×12), BUT they built it on the side of the house that gets full sun and little breeze. There’s a large flagstone porch down the steps as well. The deck can reach over 100° because it has Easy-Breeze windows to boot. It’s a great space, and they did it for the views, but we’re going to have to move the patio to the back of the house and enclose and heat/cool the deck just to be able to use it.

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