Interlochen, Artsbrige, Wagner MT Summer Programs

Unexpectedly my D, who is currently a Junior, has been accepted to all three? Don’t know which to choose. Looking for Wagner and Artsbridge feedback. Thank you.

I did Wagner and LOVED it!! It is on the more affordable end for summer programs, so if cost is a concern that is definitely a bonus. They take 10-12 students, which means plenty of individual attention. You get daily dance, improv, acting and music classes as well as rehearsals for the showcase at night, and you get private voice and semiprivate acting coaching once a week. We also saw two broadway shows in the city, and headshots are taken as a part of the program which is a nice bonus.

I couldn’t recommend it enough!! For me it helped cement the fact that I could thrive in a BFA/conservatory style program (our day started with dance at 8 am and officially ended at 9 pm but we had “homework” that took another hour or two). If Wagner is high on your daughters list, it will give her a chance to get to know the program as well as for the program to get to know her. When I auditioned some of the auditors already and they knew me/my work ethic which was really nice as well. I’ve heard lovely things about artsbridge as well though so I’m sure whatever she picks she will love:)

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

My son did ArtsBridge. I believe it was a game changer for him because he worked closely with college faculty actually making the admission decisions — it wasn’t just 5 minutes in a room but multiple work sessions. He was accepted at 3 of the schools in attendance and waitlisted at 2 others.

Thank you for that feedback.