Interlochen Summer camp details?

<p>Hey guys, so I was accepted to the Interlochen high school piano summer program (the 6-week one). I just had some questions about how life is there. Like, I heard you weren't allowed technology. Is that true? Because I manage a website as an internship for a non-profit organization, so would they make any exceptions? </p>

<p>Also, how is the food, the rooms, and stuff like that. What is the average daily schedule? </p>

<p>Anything would be super helpful :)</p>

<p>Hey vtan12, I was also accepted for the summer arts camp, but for high school violin/orchestra. This is my first time going so I might not have first hand experience, but I know that restrictions on technology is a bit more leniant for higj school…I remember my handbook saying that high school division are the only students who can bring their phones for use as mp3s (oh yeah, we’re so bad). I also heard cabins have no AC, the food is ehh, and there are “mixers” every week for socialization? And I’m sure you’re aware of the uniform policy, haha.
I hope this helps a bit, I also posted a thread about it called “EMF vs. Interlochen” and got a couple tips on Interlochen :slight_smile:
Good luck!</p>

<p>My ds was accepted for high school piano but chose IU’s Piano Academy instead. </p>

<p>You can find lots of information about Interlochen on this forum.</p>

<p>This is the first year you guys are allowed to have cellphones (although most people just hid them anyway.) Your specific majors don’t allow you to bring laptops, but if you DESPERATELY need internet, there are computers in the library. Don’t abuse them though - it’s definitely much cooler when you have no clue what’s happening outside of the bubble, so to speak, because it helps you focus on the limited 6 weeks you have! In your case, your major (piano) gives you a lot of free time if you don’t take too many electives - you’ll find a lot of time where you can practise or, alternatively, work on the website. </p>

<p>I’m a 2012 IAC camper (violist, WYSO kid!) and I’m in my junior year at IAA - if you have any further questions, feel free to message me!</p>

<p>Thanks guys, this was super helpful. averageviolist, you say I’ll have a lot of free time if I don’t take too many electives - am I allowed to take multiple electives? It seemed on the website that I was only allowed one.</p>

<p>I did notice that everyone else besides me had only one elective (or two, if you count the two-hour long chamber music), as well - I took Adv. Composition and Intro to Acting. I’m not exactly sure how I got two electives, but it wasn’t a plus, at least for me - I found I didn’t have much time to practise.</p>

<p>Ok, that makes more sense. Averageviolist, I think you were an exception. Does anyone know how strict the uniforms are? As in, do the shorts have to be navy blue (mine are black), do they have to be finger length, can the sweater be burgundy (as opposed to red), and do you have to buy the socks from the interlochen store? Thanks!</p>

<p>Could I respectfully suggest that you just call or email Interlochen with your questions in order to get definitive answers? We got all our questions answered that way. The camper/parent handbook is hard to follow and doesn’t address all the issues, so we had to make a few phone calls and send a few emails.</p>

<p>Hi I plan on applying for Interlochen Piano Summer Academy in two weeks, and I have my pieces ready. I have gone to previous summer camps before for piano. Though I am kinda scared that I won’t get into Interlochen. My older brothers both have gone and I have talked to them a bit. Though I wanted to know what the competition is like in recent years for getting into their Piano 6 week summer Program???</p>