Interlochen vs BUTI


S22 got into Interlochen and BUTI 2 week instrument and 3week young artist orchestra. For now, we opted to go to Interlochen because it is in person. S wants an in-person experience. Anyways, the 2-week BUTI instrument intensive is in conflict with Interlochen. That leaves the young artist, how good is this program? Is there any value to doing both Interlochen and BUTI?

Hi! Congratulations — that’s a big accomplishment! I was also accepted into Interlochen this year and am most likely going to attend because it is in-person. I attended BUTI’s Young Artist’s Piano Program for two years (2018 and 2019, also three weeks long) and I loved it. There’s something really special about the program — not sure how it’s running online, though.

Both of them are very prestigious and well-regarded. I think that the programs are really up to personal preference: from what I’ve heard, Interlochen is a little more rigid and strict, while BUTI is definitely very relaxed and independent. However, Interlochen is running in-person this year, which is invaluable for music, as Zoom is unfortunately not a great way to take lessons or perform on.

Young Artists Orchestra is a great program with a wonderful reputation and my friends who were in it absolutely loved it. I think the main concern would be that it’s online (so formatted differently). Ultimately, you won’t go wrong with either decision. Both camps offer an experience of a lifetime!

@Forelsket, congratuations!

Thank you very much for the feedback. In the end, we decided to go for both. Interlochen in person, Killington online, and BUTI young artists online and we let go of the instrument workshop.