Intermediate Chinese placement test

<p>I wonder if anyone here can offer any information about what the intermediate level Chinese placement exam involves. I called the department who told me to look on the website for a practice exam, but I couldn't find any.</p>

<p>I applied as a transfer for this fall, and I'm interested in taking Chinese 10 this summer. However, my last Chinese class was in 2005, so I'm pretty rusty . . . I bought the Integrated Chinese 1.2 textbook to study from, but it's nothing like the book I used at Mt SAC for the second semester class.</p>

<p>I took the test a while ago, but from what I remember...</p>

<p>They asked you to identify a few words, then some fill in the blanks, then some reading comp (essay + multiple choice questions), then an essay on a given topic. You can do traditional or simplified.</p>