Internal transfer question

<p>How difficult is it to transfer from the college of engineering to the agricultural and life sciences school? Is it selective or easy to transfer if I get a 3.0+ gpa the first semester?</p>

<p>Transferring out of engineering is much easier than transferring into it. Unless you're seeking to transfer into AEM in CALS, I think it's quite doable with a decent GPA first semester.</p>

<p>Well I intend to study environmental or bioengineering in Cals. My family can't afford the private tuition but with the land grant of Cals, I can atten Cornell (environmental and bioengineering are my top 2 choices for engineering, I'm not transferring schools just to attend Cornell)</p>


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<p>Like WTT said, it's harder to get into the CoE than it is to get out. You have a good chance if your GPA is above 3 and you've taken 1-2 classes that lead into your new major.</p>

<p>On that note, how hard is it to transfer into CoE?</p>

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