Internal Transfer to Wharton

<p>What classes do i need to take before i apply and how's the whole process like? Extremely selective or what?</p>

<p>Any thoughts or links would be appreciated!!
thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Its basically impossible</p>

<p>Its Extremely selective. As Tyrese Gibson From Fast Five said, "This just turned into Mission Freakin' Insanity!"</p>

<p>basically impossible</p>

<p>It's actually very possible, 4 or 5 of my friends were accepted last year. As long as you have around a 3.9 (not too difficult if you pick the right course load) after freshman year and you've taken the required courses for transfer (econ 001/002 and math 104) you have a pretty good shot. They did change the process a bit this year though. They used to evaluate candidates based solely on GPA and now they require a few short essays.</p>

<p>More info: Internal</a> Transfer: Policies</p>

<p>Thanks guys.
another fact to be noted is that my freshman year was spent in UC Berkeley. I am transferring to Penn's College of Liberal Arts and Science. So I have found that from CAS, i can transfer again within Penn. I don't know how will that effect my internal transfer admissions.</p>

<p>"External transfers admitted to any of Penn's undergraduate schools or divisions are not eligible to transfer again within the University."</p>

<p>Hate to break it to you: Internal</a> Transfer: Policies</p>

<p>Actually, this has been touched upon numerous times in this forum (there's search for a reason)...and while thequestionmark has a point, he/she apparently didn't see that while you can't internally transfer, you can apply for a dual degree. If you're a transfer though, that means you'll almost definitely have to take summer classes/an extra semester or year because of credits.</p>