International Applicant for Engineering

<p>** SAT: **</p>

<p>800 M
800 W
760 CR</p>

<p>I will NOT be taking subject tests...</p>

<p>** GPA: ** 4.0? (My average is 95/100~)</p>

<p>** Rank: ** 7/214~ = 3.3%</p>

<p>** Prospective Major: **</p>

<p>Chemical Engineering (first choice)
Computer Science (software)
Electrical Engineering</p>

<p>** Cost: **</p>

<p>I'm hoping that I will be able to get some decent scholarships from schools. Is this possible? I can afford $30K/year ($40K for the first year), but I will have to pay for tuition along the way as I alternate co-op work with school. I'm also hoping that I will be able to apply for RA in the dorms, because you get free housing for this right? So bottom line is, the cheaper the better. </p>

<p>** Please suggest: **</p>

<li>Schools that offer scholarships </li>
<li>Cheap schools or those public schools with tuition waiver programs (i.e. Georgia Tech)</li>
<li>Schools with strong co-op programs</li>