International Applicant for Engineering

<p>** SAT: **</p>

<p>800 M
800 W
760 CR</p>

<p>I will NOT be taking subject tests...</p>

<p>** GPA: ** 4.0? (My average is 95/100~)</p>

<p>** Rank: ** 7/214~ = 3.3%</p>

<p>** Prospective Major: **</p>

<p>Chemical Engineering (first choice)
Computer Science (software)
Electrical Engineering</p>

<p>** Cost: **</p>

<p>I'm hoping that I will be able to get some decent scholarships from schools. Is this possible? I can afford $30K/year ($40K for the first year), but I will have to pay for tuition along the way as I alternate co-op work with school. I'm also hoping that I will be able to apply for RA in the dorms, because you get free housing for this right? So bottom line is, the cheaper the better. </p>

<p>** Please suggest: **</p>

<li>Schools that offer scholarships </li>
<li>Cheap schools or those public schools with tuition waiver programs (i.e. Georgia Tech)</li>
<li>Schools with strong co-op programs</li>

<p>Kettering University in Michigan. Formerly General Motors Institute.</p>

<p>Kettering</a> University - 1700 University Avenue - Flint, Michigan 48504-6214</p>

<p>Had the nicest dorms of any we saw.</p>

<p>Michigan Tech will also offer great merit scholarships.</p>

<p>What tuition waiver can an intl get at GT?</p>


<p>GT</a> Catalog : Financial : Undergrad : Out-of State Tuition Waivers</p>

<p>Oh, and hopefully, the school will be in an urban / suburban area :)</p>

<p>For some Uni's, it's 50% off for being an RA.</p>

<p>Oh, you mean an "out of state" tuition waiver. That's different from a "tuition waiver." If you get one of these OOS tuition waivers, you still have to pay tuition, just not the OOS portion. </p>

<p># International Students.
International students selected by the institutional president or an authorized representative, provided the number of such waivers does not exceed 2 percent of the equivalent full-time students enrolled at the institution in the fall term immediately preceding the term for which the out-of-state waiver is to be waived; Non-immigrant Out-of-State Tuition Waiver for Undergraduate Students

<p>Ahh...thanks. You can't count on getting one of these - they aren't assured. Only 2% of students can have these waivers. </p>

<p>So, out of about 2660 freshmen, 53 can get these OOS tuition waivers. </p>

<p>GT can be a reach/match for you but because you can't count on being awarded one of these waivers, you need some financial safety schools.</p>

<p>Also, you need to find out if the co-ops require you to be a citizen or not. Some do.</p>

<p>Can anyone suggest schools though? I know those aren't guaranteed, so I'm looking for other schools.</p>