international applicants

<p>does anyone have any idea what percent of internationals got accepted last year?? are there any internationals here who got accepted? also, what percent got deferred last year?</p>

<p>I got accepted</p>

<p>I got accepted too WITH aid. I'm still waiting for my aid package though. I'll call them up let's see</p>

<p>veerawudth did you apply for aid?</p>

But I think u shouldn't call them up today.
The admit package was mailed on 15 Dec. So I guess we would probably get it in the next two weeks or so.</p>

<p>Oh btw, Congratulations!!</p>

<p>Yeah, congrats to you too! You see, I need to know my aid package so I can figure out whether I need to apply elsewhere or not.</p>


g'luck with that then!</p>