International Bacalwackalacate.

<p>Let's talk about how cool/gay/hard/easy/interesting/boring/amazing/scary/smelly<br>
IB is.</p>

<p>Almost done with junior year. IB is pretty easy. HOA, Comp Sci, Music Theory, Spanish, and English. The exception being PHYSICS SL. Dont take physics sl without taking physics honors first it is hard. Extremely hard.(For me).</p>

<p>But all in all I'm glad im in IB. Its like a family. At least here. The best teachers at this school are IB teachers, we only have a small group of IB kids and we all have the same classes, do IB Activities, everything from Science Gorup 4 projects in the lake at a golf course collecting samples to food drives for CAS hours. It's pretty fun and you get really close to your peers.</p>

<p>IB FOREVER!</p>

<p>I agree, it's nice how IB programs tend to generate that community feeling, especially when your struggling to balance so many things. Although, I could do without the large amounts of homework...</p>

<p>IB all the way! It's a really great way to do advanced coursework that's good for getting into college without leaving to take university classes... when a lot of the brightest kids do that I think it can really hurt the school. Even if IB is ridiculous. But it teaches some good life lessons, because life is ridiculous.</p>

<p>I never heard of it before I got on CC. </p>

<p>I still can't spell it.</p>

<p>I'm nearly done the IB now, and despite being super-excited about college, I know I'm going to miss my IB time a lot. I've had some fantastic teachers and wonderful classmates, and even with all the work, its been FUN. For the group 4 project my group went to an amusement park, for my EE I got carefully re-read a few of my favorite ever books, and CAS has forced me to do so many new things! I really like the IB... :)</p>