International Business Cohorts

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any inside knowledge into the IB cohorts offered? I’m interested in applying but I would like to hear how current students like these programs? I’m worried about not being able to have the “typical college experience” because a great deal of time will be abroad.


My son just got an email about applying for this today. Anyone have any more informaiton about this? He was accepted to the Business school

If you do a search for University of South Carolina International Business or IB Cohorts, you should find historical threads that address your question. I remember seeing info when my older one was invited, but don’t recall the details.

My son is in business school . I know IB is very competitive but if your son gets into one of the cohort programs , it sounds amazing I think they have one with Chile but I heard they are not doing the one with China anymore

Hi! Wondering if you chose to join the IB cohort program at U of SC? I have a son who is accepted and he’s having difficulty getting much info on program. Got into Chile cohort. Let me know

My son applied and got in the Chile program. What did your son decide to do? Trying to gain more info about cohorts in general