International Chances for UM, Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern

<p>just finished off my UC app and i was hoping i could get an idea of how i sit compared to other applicants.</p>


<p>SAT - 1490/2140 (resitting in December, hoping for 2200) [avg. SAT of international ADMIT to berkeley was 2130 last year]
SAT II - Maths 2 - 800, Chem - 760
HS Grades (this is where it gets extremely complicated):</p>

<p>within the high school, over 4 years, i'd probably be about average. however it is extremely competitive (100% graduation, 99%-100% going to university) and the median result for admission to domestic universities is in the top 4% of the state.</p>

<p>My predicted result for my senior year (only one that counts) is top 3% of the state.</p>

<p>Essays: Unique and well written. Not absolutely amazing though given some i've read online.</p>

<p>Teacher Recs: Good or great
Counselor Recs: Average (doesn't know many students unless he's taught them)</p>

<p>My most important ECs:
-5 years rowing (couple of medals etc.)
-6 years library volunteer (leadership)
-3 years philosophy club
-few High Distinctions in maths/science comps (top 2%)
-represented school in the final of a Latin Speaking Competition
-3 years Latin speaking club (founding member)
-Chemistry Olympiad (college chemistry in year 11)</p>

<p>What do people think about my chances for Michigan, Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern and Chicago? i'll chance back if you want :)</p>

<p>what was your gpa out of 4.0?</p>

<p>it doesn’t translate to a gpa whatsoever. i’d have no clue how to even give you an idea</p>

<p>bump!!! :)</p>

<p>I think you should come back when you have your December SATs.</p>

<p>stand a good chance for UCs.</p>

<p>my SAT will probably only increase by like 60-90 points max. but alright.</p>

<p>thanks mafrio! wouldn’t mind going to berkeley, but my top preference is probably Michigan. <em>fingers crossed</em></p>