International college search

<p>I want to look at colleges and universities OUTSIDE the U.S.A but I can not find a website or a search engine to help me find them. Do you guys know a website that helps a student find colleges outside the u.s.a?</p>

<p>You could take a look at the Times list of best colleges in the world (London Times, I think) and investigate from there. If you’re not fluent in another language this narrows down your countries a lot (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia) so you could investigate by country. Also, Norway should be considered because the University of Oslo is free and gives exams in English as well as Norwegian, Finnish etc. Many Americans look at St. Andrews in Scotland and McGill in Montreal.</p>

<p>Thank you Hitch123</p>

<p>Another popular school - American University of Paris, known as AUP. Expensive - but you get to live and study in the heart of an amazing city.</p>

<p>If you told us what languages you speak other than English, that ought to help us.</p>

<p>Start by contacting the Education Officer at the closest Consulate of each of the countries you are interested in. That person will help you get started.</p>