International considering UNC Chapel Hill??

<p>Hey, I'm from Greece and I'd love to attend Chapel Hill. My stats are:
SatI: 700CR, 770M, 670W
SatII:700Literature, 750MII, 720French listening (retook them, expecting 790>on math)</p>

<p>My GPA is 4.3Weighted, Rank:10%
Varsity Soccer: Coaches award, captain senior year
MUN: Chair two years in a row local, Outstanding Resolution award in Georgetown Qatar, Doha MUN
Community and service club: student coordinator
Math Club: 3rd position individual and group in math comp. involving all IB schools of Athens
Essay: Pretty good
Recs: okay i guess, one from the head department of math of Williams college</p>

<p>I speak 4 languages, and i've lived 5 years in china, something that i'll play out</p>

<p>Should i apply to UNC, when they have like 50 spots for internationals?</p>