international degree undergrad to US med school?

<p>is it possible for me to go to school in a different country, get a degree, and then go to med school in the US?</p>

<p>Possible, sure. I wouldn’t recommend it for several reasons:</p>

<li>Most medical schools require 1 year of coursework from a US university.</li>
<li>Most medical schools require liberal arts courses, which are difficult to fulfill at a foreign university–where the coursework is typically very focused.</li>
<li>Your foreign school may not offer the courses you need to complete your science requirements for medical schools (e.g. these courses are taught differently, or cover different material)</li>
<li>Grading: Who knows how they will translate your foreign grades to US ones and the bell curve may be more difficult (average grade is a C)–and who knows if a US medical school will consider that.</li>

<p>thanks for your help. i didn’t really think about foreign universities having different courses or coursework that is required in the US.</p>