International Engineering (TTU Study/Serve/Intern Abroad)

Anyone have experience with this? I understand it’s required for engineering majors.

TTU has a campus in Sevilla Spain and most students do a summer term there, although one can do research in some place like Germany. The campus in Spain is taught by TTU possessors and common classes are taught that engineering students need. Edit to add. My rising hs jr just completed TTU’s Explore Engineering camp. She learned so much. Found it to be very helpful, helped her rule out what did not interest her and rule in what did interest her. Wreck’EM

@BingeWatcher , Do you know how competitive TTU Explore Engineering Camp is? I sent an email to ask how many applicants vs how many camp spots they usually have but have not heard back. I think this would be an excellent camp for my junior son to do next summer to help him narrow down fields of engineering. He did the UT-San Antonio one this summer but it was not a competitive camp—just sign up and pay the money.

@TXRunningMom , it is not competitive at all. I think I paid 325.00 for it. She recommends it to any kids who want to be engineering. She says she will major in EE. Your son can be in the camp next summer.

@BingeWatcher , that is good to hear! Do you think your daughter just got in that easily though? The website makes it sound like it is competitive! My daughter did the CampBytes at UT and it was uber competitive. She didn’t get in on the first round but she did end up getting in after a couple of days (I guess someone dropped out and she was next on the waiting list).