International Freshmen Applicant .. !!

<p>Hey i m an international Applicant and want to join MIT for my undergraduate studies .. here are some of my particulars ... it's been my dream ever since i remember .. So everybody and anybody plzz help me out !! ,, well here are some of my particulars ..</p>

<p>Ethnicity : Indian
Gender : Male
School : St. Anselm's School
SAT I : - 2200
SAT II : Maths I - 800 ; Maths II 800 ; Chemistry - 760 ; Physics - 780
Subjects and courses :- Physics 4 years , Chemistry 4 Years , Biology 2 years , Computer Science 4 years , Maths (core) 5 years (Almost all subjects studied on high school level as well as beyond it too)
EC's : - Sports - Basketball,Lawn Tennis ,Badminton ,Soccer , Pool , Cricket , Swimming etc.
Academics - currently 3# in class (can reach 2# this semester),been in various Olympiads both national and international level (including IMO,IJSO,IPhO etc.){But not won medals in each one :P }
School doesn't provide clubs still Head boy of the school
~60 hours + social service (on school level)
Not much of a instrument player
Head Programmer for the school programming/computer competitive team
Currently in XIIth grade ..</p>

<p>Any other information needed please let me know i m not too good at all this
Any comments,suggestions,requests or anything will be highly appreciated and well heeded </p>


<p>International admissions here are very tough, and the reasons for you getting accepted or rejected are not necessarily in your scores. What can anyone say? If you apply, you have a 3.74% chance of getting in; if you don't apply, you have a 0.00% chance of getting in. Please apply; do your best. Good luck.</p>

<p>well thanks to be precise on that part but all i wanted to know was where m i lacking in my profile ? .. and do i stand somewhere in the crowd with my current statistics ?? (well i think this part u already answered) .. and since my scores are playin least part in my selection .. what all are the things i should work upon ?? .. will applying for financial aid hurt my application ??</p>

<p>Your SAT1/2 scores and the extent of your education are fine but not unusual for an MIT applicant. If they were bad they might get you rejected (on the grounds of you not being about to handle the workload), but good scores alone will not get you in. If MIT accepts you, it will be because they see some spark in your personality--a passion for life and the things you study and a determination to make your dreams come true and the world a better place--that shows that you would take advantage of an MIT education and that you would make MIT a better, more interesting place by being there. You can stand out by doing something unique that you are passionate about. You can show your personality through the application essays and the interview. I recommend you explore the MIT Admissions Blogs to get a feel for MIT's personality and see how you might fit.</p>

<p>ok i get you ... say i find myself fit in all context .. i mean i know in what ways i m gonna make MIT a better place cuz that's what i have been thinking ever since i have known MIT .. so how would i express myself ?? .. will the essays gonna be enough persuasive to make the admissions panel think that i really deserve MIT ?? ...</p>

<p>heyy guys ,, i wanted to ask something ... How strongly are my essays influence my application .. i mean if my application is somewhat weak ... will my essays help me out ??</p>

<p>In my opinion, with great academic results like yours, the only thing that will make a difference is the rest. I mean your essays AND your recommendation letters. What else do you have really? So yes, I think your essays (along with what your teachers say about you) will be decisive.</p>

<p>heyy guyss ... i wanted to know that do i have to send my secondary school report or high school report along with application ??? .. i mean by the time i'll be sending my application i would definitely not receive the high school report card (mark sheet) from the school .. so what should i do ?? ...</p>

<p>^ You have an awesome profile :) Good Luck !</p>

<p>I had a question that will you be sending your 9 & 11th mark sheets ? My school won't authorize those results, other than the Board 10 & 12 results.</p>

<p>Btw how was ur % throughout high school ?</p>

<p>Have you taken any AP/GCE's?</p>

<p>well umm no .. as AP's is not included in my normal courses ... and even though the board i m subscribed to is far more advanced than AP ... and same with GCE ....</p>

<p>These things do not actually work this way. I see ........well..half of the posts in CC regarding 'Chance me'. But do this things work? To me you have great stats that can either get you into 77 Mass. Ave. or out of it. I mean your stats are equivocal depending upon how smartly you apply and this is what that can make a difference.</p>

<p>^ Didn't answer my question :)</p>

<p>Your question? ???:(</p>

<p>Post #9 :D</p>

<p>@KingsXI ..</p>

<p>heyy umm sorry for this late reply i kinda was in hurry last time so omitted ur response ....
yeah well i think i will be sending them ... i mean the school has already issued it under the seal of ur principal isn't it ?? so that's officially authorized by default ... well my percentage was between 91-93% in school excluding XII of course ... so what about you ??</p>

<p>^ I'm in IIT right now, I had 98.7 % in 10th & 94% in 12th.
Btw my school was a joke - no ecs, no clubs & to top it all we didnt had official results for 9th & 11th, only boards :(</p>

<p>heyyy mann brilliant ,, well i got 100 in both science and maths ... 97 in Social Science and so on in X ... and i m in XII right now and even i m preparing for JEE 2012 ... but lets see what i'll have in the near future ... So u deciding to go to some U.S. University after B.Tech ?? ... by the way which coaching did u join ??</p>

<p>^ I don't want to wait till B.Tech, I'll rather try before that, but this school of mine is bugging me even after I left, cause teachers don't anything about foreign education.</p>

<p>My SAT & TOEFL stats were quite good too, but if you're targeting ivies then only scores & academics aren't sufficient. I was pretty frustrated & thus many ppl made fun out of me here...
Anyways, never went to anything poor :(</p>


<p>Are you applying as Transfer student?</p>