International freshmen or transfer students enrolled for the fall semester

How have you found the logistics of getting ready for McGill entirely remotely and outside of Canada? Are you optimistic that the Spring semester will be in person and that visas etc will be available? My son (in the USA) was just admitted as a sophomore transfer to the College of the Arts. McGill was his dream school but he is now nervous to enroll, especially if the whole year could be remote.

My son is a U3 (4th year) studying Economics (Poli Sci minor) in the Faculty of the Arts. We are also US (Boston area).

It’s hard to say what any university is going to look like second semester. It’s tough - everything is changing so fast.

Virtually 100% of McGill students live off campus after first year. They are mostly concentrated in the Ghetto and the Plateau. According to my son (and what I see on the McGill Parents pages) a majority of students will come back to Montreal. So there will be a lot of kids in Montreal. At the same time, there are kids who are not coming back so there are a lot of people looking to sublet their apartments.

My son is a “Frosh Leader” (orientation) and is on the Board for the Economic Students Association. I can say that the upper classmen are trying to do everything they can (given safety guidelines) to ensure there is student life.

Feel free to message me if you want more information. I know it is a crazy year and there is no “right” answer to anything. Happy to help if I can.

Hello, my son is a first year Arts student based from the UK… Like your son, he still doesn’t have his visa and the borders remain closed… with no idea of when they will reopen. The Canadian government are not helpful at all. Why not impose a Covid test and quarantine to make sure the student is not carrying the virus? My son is thinking of withdrawing his application as the situation is too stressful and he can’t imagine studying remotely beyond Christmas… I don’t feel there’s a lot of support from McGill from people like us… I feel your son’s pain.