International from Aus applying to UPenn

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>Basically am applying for Wharton but due to Upenn's agreements with my school, it is very unlikely to work and I will need to go through the Liberal Arts & Sciences Faculty.</p>

<p>I have a few questions and it would be great if someone could help answer them;
-If I go through Arts, how many Wharton Finance/Economics subjects will I be able to select?
-How does this quota system work where only students from Wharton get into the good subjects? This is sort of foreign to me - really need it explained.
-What the hell is Military Science? Personally, I find this awesome, but because we have nothing remotely similar to it, is it just a bludge? </p>

<p>Thanks in advance for the type guys</p>

<p><em>BUMP</em> No-one can help?</p>

<p>Military Science is Army ROTC at Penn:</p>

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<p>But can internationals register in it? (Military Science)</p>

<p>+I've heard about the limited spots available for Wharton subjects. If I become a Wharton rather than Liberal Arts transfer, how does the quota system per subject actually work?</p>

<p>For reliable information, contact the Midshipman Recruiting Officer directly at (215) 898-7436.</p>