International/Global Development?

<p>Okay, this is a pretty new and less common major and I was wondering if anybody has heard anything about this at Penn? I've done all the research, and so far I don't see any trace of it.</p>

<p>Perhaps it may be worded in a different way, too. It is basically a major that focuses on the study of developing countries and can involve a lot of different classes- everything from economics to gender equality studies to health care.</p>

<p>Anyway, even if it is not offered, I know Penn tries to be extremely open and customizable with its courses and studies. So, I was wondering, how hard is it to devise your own major at penn?</p>

<p>if i'm not mistaken I believe your talking about international relations there is a thread to it but yea that sounds just about right</p>

<p>I think it's a bit different, but I'm not sure.
From what I've gathered, international relations is a more so a politically geared minor.
Which I'm not interested in politics at all, just to clear that up</p>

<p>There IS an international development major. One of my friends at Penn (fellow IR major, and now fellow co-worker at an Indian conglomerate's foreigner recruit program) is the student who orchestrated the whole thing.</p>

<p>Yes it does exist at Penn. Moreover there are interesting classes you can take throughout Penn (thanks to the One University policy) that can be of benefit...the nursing school has courses on economics and malnutrition, the Wharton school has courses on doing business in developing countries, the law school has courses on law in developing countries (and Penn Law faculty helped write a constitution for one developing country whose name escapes me), and lots more...</p>

<p>Thank you ilovebagels!
If your friend created the major, then it is really new, right? How long has it been an actual major? A year? Two years? Doesn't change anything, I'm just wondering.
Well now penn seems absolutely perfect to me! Which is of course terrible, because it's so hard to get in :(</p>

<p>i believe it is a minor...</p>

<p>It's a minor, not a major. It's a bunch of PSCI classes and other classes relating to development. It's extremely new as well.</p>

<p>New</a> International Development minor proposed | The Daily Pennsylvanian</p>

<p>SAS</a> introduces new minor | The Daily Pennsylvanian</p>

<p>Hope those help! :)</p>