International GPA Help!!

<p>Hi, please calculate my UW and/or W GPA (im an INTL student):</p>

<p>Note: IB is scored in a scale from 0 to 7. National Baccalaureate is scored from 1 to 12 where 5 is 50%; thus, a 12, 11 and 10 would be an A. I think a 6 in IB is still an A since a 7 is a 98%. Avoid using "-" & "+" since they don't count at my school. Moreover, dont calculate the GPA based on the composite IB score!!!</p>

<p>IB Spanish A1 HL (7)
IB English A2 HL (6)
IB Economics SL (7)
IB European History HL (6)
IB Biology SL (6)
IB Mathematics SL (4)</p>

<p>Sociology (10)
Italian (10)</p>