International guy waitlisted.....

So I was waitlisted (not the first time) I am an international student and here are my stats:
SAT:1450 710 English 740 Maths
Alevels: Expected 2 As 2As
Olevels: 1A
6As and 1B(B in english)
GPA: 3.99 unweighted school doesn’t do weighted
Class rank top 5%
Essays 8/10
Extra curriculars: Debater. Attended like 13 MUN conferences and chaired 3. Also attended Notre dame Summer scholars program last year carrying a credit point.
Do you think I have chance?

@Heemee Got waitlisted! I have one girl accepted with ED from my country. Looks like other student already got in from your country. Very less chance but still hope there is enough aids.

Yup as an international from a 3rd world country I can’t really afford US