International MBA, sponsored by business partnered with university

<p>I don't have an MBA, but am looking into some options:</p>

<p>Is there such a thing in the US as an MBA (or other graduate business degree) granted by a reputable school, but with the specific program sponsored by a business and for just a small number of people?</p>

<p>For example, say Delta Airlines wanted an MBA for people who work in aviation around the world, and it provided adjunct faculty and other resources. Would a school like Columbia (and a comparable school in Asia) ever work with Delta to provide such a program? Say an "Executive MBA in Global Aviation"?</p>

<p>Or say a few US businesses in Paris wanted a program for tech people who work in the US and France. Would NYU and HEC-Paris, for example, work with the American Chamber of Commerce to be able to grant an MBA (or another business degree) in "Transatlantic Tech" for, say, 30 people sponsored by their employers?</p>

<p>Would an executive MBA or B-school certificate program be the most likely way for something like this? I know that HBS has plenty of mid-career programs like this. Or do reputable schools just not do anything like this?</p>