international or not...? help!

<p>is it right that to be considered 'in-state' u gotta live in that state for a year before u can apply as an in-state student?
i'm not sure what my status is... i live in Bangladesh, my family was sort of planning to immigrate... we went to visit, for like a month... half my family already left, but im still livin here, so... though i already got my green card, since i'm applying from Bangladesh, am i international?? if so, what r my chances at getting financial aid/scholarship? at places like U of Notre Dame, U of Michigan Ann Arbor, NYU,U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign....
please help?</p>

<p>ur chances of fin aid from a state school isnt all that high compared to a private...</p>

<p>and yeah, you are not instate but since you have a green card, you can apply as domestic i believe</p>

<p>Why not call them?</p>

<p>Your residency status follows your parents ... assuming you are still dependent. If your parents are already in the States, you will become resident of the state they reside in when you arrive ... provided they have already lived in that state for a year or more.</p>

<p>Since you've already have your green card, you should fill in the application form for "domestic students", not the one for "international students" ... as you do not require a visa (hence an I-20) and are eligible for financial aids.</p>

ur chances of fin aid from a state school isnt all that high compared to a private...


It's true that your chance for financial aids at a state school isn't that high if you are considered out-of-state. The only state school where you will have an advantage is the state where you will be considered in-state.</p>