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<p>Dear Helpful CCers, </p>

<p>I am supposed to be studying rigorously in my room for my 10 dreaded APs, but instead I cannot focus because it is just too overwhelming and I decided to do something productive at least in nature. To make a long story short, I need some advice. I understand it is difficult to apply to college from China, especially as an International student, but enlighten me with the procedures of the process. My cousin will start high school next year, so I think of her right now as a "clean board", waiting for me to write on. She wants to come here for college to join me, (I'm going to Wellesley next year) and since she hasn't started high school yet, I think she has a decent chance at any college if I guide her right. I am thinking of HYPSMs as basics, then top LACs (Williams, Swarthmore, Wellesley... ) in case she doesn't get in, then publics for backup (Berkley, UMich, NYU).</p>

<p>My primary concern is academics. What are some usual academic procedures for International students? She lives in Xi'an, so it might be harder as compared to a Beijing student. Also, I have only heard of IBs and A levels but have no clue what they are. I can help her prepare for the SATs and essays, and guide her on what kind of extracurriculars, but I am clueless on how the grades transfer. I'm pretty sure they don't have GPAs. I always thought that there was no such thing as "progress grades" in China and the only thing that mattered was the "college entrance exam". How do Internationals get accepted at US colleges?</p>

<p>international admissions is tough, esp when you apply for aid. this might give you a rough idea...
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<p>yy0712: how hard is it to get into uk schools?</p>

sorry but i really have no idea. I live in the us right now and only applied to us schools. perhaps the international board can be more helpful.
good luck!</p>