International Podcast Day

It’s #internationalpodcastday

Podcasts are a huge source of entertainment for me. Rather than have people just list their favs, wondered if people would share a podcast or two new to you - maybe something new you learned about during the pandemic time.

A couple new ones to me:
Home Cookin (Samin Nosrat)

Nice White Parents (Serial and the NYT)

Hungry Girl (but ONLY the haul episodes - they buy several products (a “haul”) from places like TJ’s, Costco, Aldi, etc. and taste them on air and review and rate them. I’ve found some good new products this way)

Your turn. :slight_smile:

New to me: NPR/UpFirst
SmartLess, Michelle Obama

I finished MO’s podcast so didn’t think to list it! Thumbs up.

New to me: David Tennant Does a Podcast. He talks to Brian Cox in the latest episode, a double Scottish delight!

New to me:

Music & Ideas Podcast

RP (Renaissance Periodization) Strength Podcast

@abasket - I started listening to “Home Cookin” yesterday, in car on the way home from vacation and another one this morning while running. I listened “Nice White Parents” series last month - very interesting.

Yesterday I also tried “Hidden Brain” (the Why Nobody Feels Rich episode). I liked it too.

My favorite is still Freakonomics, but there are not enough of them to fill all my running sessions. Recently I’ve also tried and liked a new podcast series by Steve Levitt (the economist in economist/journalist pair in the original Freakonomic books) - "People I (mostly) Admire).

Recently started listening to No Stupid Questions by Angela Duckworth and Stephen Dubner (other person who wrote the Freakonomic book, though I’ve never read it.) Just found out about the Yale Admissions podcast as well, which is extremely helpful for anyone applying to Yale or other selective schools.

For Led Zeppelin fans…the Music and Ideas podcast has an episode: The Complete Works of Led Zeppelin.

I don’t know much about music – whether an instrument or note is being played “correctly” – and I enjoyed the discussion of Page’s guitar playing & Bonham’s drumming.

I haven’t listened to LZ in awhile, and as one of the podcast hosts said, “SO MANY GOOD SONGS”. Seriously. I had forgotten!

Suddenly feeling sorry I tossed all my albums!

Needing another light podcast I tried “Say Yes! With Carla Hall” - the former Top Chef contestant and was on The Chew. If you like her (I have always loved her outlook and enthusiasm) try the show. NOT all about cooking. In fact so far, only a little about cooking. Inspirational guests - Kristin Bell, Gretchen Rubin, Glennon Doyle, etc.

My favorites are mostly NPR series that I don’t get to hear in the car (driving to kid activities) any more. A Way With Words is fun.

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