International Public Policy in NYU

<p>Last March, I was accepted into NYU's Wagner Graduate School for Public Service. I intend to do a Masters of Public Administration in international public policy and management. However, I have two months before the program begins, and I'm starting to have serious issues with their international PNP program. I know Wagner itself is recognized first and foremost for its non-profit management curriculum, its faculty, and its affiliation with an array of institutes. But, as I keep reading about the program itself, I'm starting to doubt whether their international approach is as developed and structured for a career in international public policy as the regular PNP program in Policy and Management or Public Finance (compared to, say, schools like Goldman at Berkeley or SIPA at Columbia). So far, I've met a couple of Wagner Alumni outside of campus by coincidence. Everything they're doing, however, is domestically-based, which is great if one wants to focus on pressing social policy issues in the U.S. But so far I haven't met anyone doing international-based work or having opportunities to work overseas. </p>

<p>At the bottom-line I'm not sure if it's worth indebting myself for such a large amount if I'm having all these uncertainties. Unlike most people entering the program, I have only been out of college for a year and a half. I can't say I have the experience necessary to take a decision like this yet. The international program doesn't seem to have any institute or network affiliated with it, and the "careers" section in their Global section of the website aren't as extensive as the regular PNP Alumni. </p>

<p>Any advice or whether I should go into such a program? Financial considerations are of course one of my strongest arguments too.</p>