international relations and political science?

<p>does vandy have an international relations major? if it doesn't, how is its political science major? what does it rank? how well is it known? thanks!</p>


<p>Theres no IR per se, but you can do both public policy and political science with an international focus. They're both highly regarded programs, but I personally think public policy is cooler since it's basically polisci with more focus on economics and sociology.</p>

<p>Also, vanderbilt has really good international language/culture departments. the european studies is one of the best, and asian studies, arabic studies, and latin american studies are all good too.</p>

<p>I quote from my admissions counselor [because that's my major too!]:</p>

<p>"So if you are interested in International Relations you have a couple of options:</p>

Within the College of Arts and Science, where you've been accepted, there are lots of programs in regional studies (e.g. Latin American Studies, European Studies, East Asian Studies, et cetera).
Within the Peabody College's major in Human and Organizational Development, there's a track called "International Leadership and Development". Definitely a business focus here, but a good program.
Again within A&S, there's always the option to design your own major. You could design a mix of classes that fits your interests and have one of the A&S Deans approve it.

<p>I hope this is useful. Let me know if there's anything else I can do."</p>