International Relations at CMU

<p>how is this program there?</p>

<p>I think it's called "Global Politics" now, but I'm not sure. Generally speaking I'd say CMU is a fairly politically apathetic campus. Honestly I'm sure its a solid option...but I wouldn't say anyone is breaking down the doors at admissions to study IR here. On the other hand you could apply here and get a scholarship so you never know I guess. I'd refer to US News rankings - generally if you can get into CMU you could probably get into a school like Tufts, Georgetown, Duke, NYU etc where the IR programs are more renowned. Now one thing that is apparently pretty good here are the Public Policy related programs.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'd recommend EHPP (Ethics, History and Public Policy) rather than Global Politics at CMU. While GP is a good program, like Tony said, it's not exactly one of the best at CMU. EHPP will give you a good preparation for law or political science if you wish to pursue it at the graduate level and is a lot more respected.</p>