International relations major seeks language

I want to become an international studies major or an international politics major. I will be going to a small private school next week and I think all the spanish classes may be full. I want to learn at least two languages and I do intend on learning spanish eventually because I live in texas and it’ll come in handy. I was wondering if I had to be put into a different language class, which one would be a good one? I don’t want to mess up my gpa the first semester of freshman year, but I do want to pick another useful language. I also plan to study abroad in the future. I know it all depends on where in the world I would want to study and what id want to work as, but any advice would be nice. I am leaning towards French or german but other suggestions would help too. French in case I want to work for a nonprofit and because of how many countries speak it, but german because business. I also might take a language class over the summer at a CC because my college just counts classes there as credit, not gpa points

Consider my advice from another thread:

"In business, a lot of experts shows that developing countries in the East such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. are the easy prey for the international firms to be dominant in business at these countries. That means they do not have many competitors in sales and can earn a lot of profit in these fertile lands.

Around 20 to 30 years next, those situation and opportunities will transfer to African which is the continent where 31 countries speak French as their first or second language. If you are considering to do international business in the future when you get mature, you should learn French.

I got these valuable information from a Chief Strategic Officer in the technology group. The answer how I got this is a long story. You do not need to know that though. But if you want to start your own business in the future in African, you may consider take French classes."