International Relations Major w/Minors

Hi everyone, Looking for some advice here.
I am 2 semesters from completing my A.A. with a Certificate in International Business, and Global Distinction Award from Valencia. I am transferring to FIU either next Spring or Summer after I relocate to South Florida from Central Florida.

I was planning on their Bachelors in International Business, but my absolute hatred in College Algebra has left me not wanting to take Calcalus for Business or any class that demands them as a prerequisite. I feel that I could pass the courses, but my success in them would be minimum scores and would be only able to take 1 or 2 courses a semester to do that, making it a 6 years Bachelors with probably a 2.2 GPA.

After discussing things with an advisor at FIU and talking with a few of my recent professors (Intro to Intl Business, Econ, and Statistics) I was considering on this:
Bachelors in International Relations
Minor Business
Minor Economics
TC in Intl Trade and Investment

I would be able to study a lot of International Business upper level courses, and more International Politics that I have an interest in. I would also be graduating with 3-4.something as opposed to low 2.something (just being honest). Since I was studying lower level Econ and Business courses at Valencia, I have a jump on both minors already. My only concern is will these credentials realistically help my employability?

I know the go to reply to this is “Study What Interests You,” but I am 37 now and am back in school to increase my career opportunities. I cannot afford to take on thousands of dollars in debt to just expand my educational horizons.

I have 2 decades of experience in hospitality and desparately need out of this industry as the long unstable hours and lifestyle is beginning to cause major health problems. I dont have that many years I can physically survive this work and squeeze in schooling either. This work experience is pretty much shrugged off by anybody I apply to outside of hotels and resorts. I cannot count on this experience to help me get my foot in the door with employers, and it will be huge void on a 40-something year old’s resume. I am very concerned about this, I have chosen FIU for their reputation and what they have presented their internship opportunities to be… UCF kept mentioning Disney and Hotel Internships working back of the house, was not impressed and seemed to steering everything towards Hospitality or Medical.

Any FIU graduates, students, interns, or people my age and situation I would love to hear your thoughts.