International Relations Safeties Needed!!

<p>So I'm gonna be a senior in high school next year, and I'm interested in international studies. What are some school with good undergraduate international relations/studies/affairs programs?
I know the top ones like Tufts, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and I plan on applying to those, but I need some safety and low match schools. Anyone know of some schools that are easier to get into, but still have great undergrad IR programs?</p>

<p>From the little I know, American Univ and GWU are both great for IR. You can't beat what DC has to offer for those types of fields.</p>

<p>we need your stats to determine what would be a safety for you</p>

<p>You can get excellent IR preparation in most major universities, including most state u's. Take a lot of political science/history/philosophy courses plus languages. Do a semester abroad program and/or a related internship. Apply to good grad schools, and you'll be on your way.</p>

<p>I second American and GWU - both in the unbeatable location of Washington, D.C. and both known for their IR and political science programs.</p>