International Relations schools for me, with a 3.7 gpa as a transfer?

<p>Hey guys, i'm transferring from a small public liberal arts college in Virginia, and i'm looking to transfer to some good international affairs. I've a 3.7 gpa from college, i'd transfer AS A JUNIOR, so i believe my h.s record and sat's won't matter, but if you need them here we go:</p>

<p>HS GPA: 3.0, SAT's : 1670/2400</p>

<p>I have good EC's and volunteer experience as well as jobs held in retail stores. </p>

<p>Please list schools that i could get into, here are a few you could chance me on</p>

<p>GWU, American, Georgetown, U.Va, NYU, UCLA, USC, </p>

<p>i really don't know lol, please chance me on those and suggest me suitable ones.</p>

<p>Generally junior transfers shouldnt worry about their hs stats, as they matter very little. Some schools, the UCs and I believe NYU and maybe UVA but not too sure about them, dont require SATs for transfer. Your SAT; however, is relatively low, Id say the cutoff would be around 1800 - 26 ACT, so you may want to consider retaking it. Of course if you think your college GPA suffices, it shouldnt be a big issue.</p>