International scholarships-help!

Looking for advice on how to apply for international scholarships? Coming to United States.

You need to look on th college websites to find schools where international students can receive the amount of aid you think you will need to attend college here.

There really isn’t any other magic way for international students to get need based aid for college. Is that what you need?

Are you currently a high school senior…planning to come to college here in fall 2018?

How much aid do you need to attend college here? What are your SAT or ACT score…and what is your GPA?

Another thing…there are only five colleges that meet full need AND do not consider your ability to pay when you apply for admission.

Really…unless you are a competitive applicant for one of those five schools that meet full need AND are need blind for admissions…you need to have other affordable college options on your application list.

Do you have affordable options in your country!

Your other thread indicates you are interested in musical theatre as a college major. If you plan on getting a bachelors in fine arts…BFA…understand that you will need to audition.

Thank you! Yes, High School senior applying for fall 2018. My SAT scores are above average. I’m aware that I will need to audition for MT. Im a US citizen. born there-moved with my family five years ago. I want to return to states for college but no longer receive resedency-problem, looking for international aid/scholorships. I’ll take a look at the college sites.

Would you mind explaining the five schools that meet full need? not sure I understood that.

Thanks again for the advice. I appreciate it.

You are not an int’l

@mom2collegekids I was told that although I’m a US citizen, I’m not a resident because my parents are residents of another country as of now. Therefore, I’m not eligibal for non-international aid- or scholorships? is that incorrect?

You are NOT an international student for financial aid purposes. At this point, you should have completed both your FAFSA and your Profile (for schools requiring the Profile). You are eligible for any federally funded aid that any other U.S. citizen can get.

You are NOT eligible for instate residency status at public universities. And you would not be eligible for any state aid or institutional aid specifically targeted to students who are state residents…or who graduated from HS here.

If you haven’t already applied and scheduled your auditions…you are getting behind the eight ball here.

In addition, your financial aid forms need to be sent ASAP.

But you are a U.S. citizen…so you would apply for aid as a U.S. citizen…not as an international student.

What schools are you planning to apply to? Please don’t say NYU!

ETA…are your parents U.S citizens or green card holders? If so…have they completed taxes for 2016? That is the year your 2018-2019 FAFSA and Profile will be using to determine your financial need for that academic year.

You’re an American citizen. You’re eligible for the aid and scholarships that other citizens are eligible for.

Right…you are eligible for aid given to other U.S citizens. You are not in the international pool for this. You will be applying for aid as a U.S. citizen. So when you look at the requirements on the college websites…that’s where you should be looking…NOT at the international student section.

As an FYI…the FAFSA and Profile forms have been availble for filing since October 1. So…get moving!!

Your parent income WILL be included regardless of where it was earned…or whether they are citizens…or not.

You also need to communicate directly with the admissions office at each place you are applying to. Let them know that you are a US citizen who is living abroad. Let them know the kind of school you are attending now (US military dependent, US curriculum international school, local curriculum school, etc.), and ask which admission application you should file. Do not be surprised if each place gives you different instructions. Just do whatever A asks for A, and whatever B asks for B.

In addition, do a bit of research to identify places where you might be able to establish residence on your own. For example, my local community college would consider you in-district for tuition and fees after you have lived in our county for three months, provided you can show that you have paid the majority of your own support for the past 12 months.

@happymomof1 but will your four year flagship or other four year public consider this student an instate resident after he finishes community college? Some community colleges are more liberal with granting instate status than the four year schools will be when its time to transfer.

That is a good question. I have to look into it. I’m also thinking that we need a sticky thread at the top of this page that has regular updates on the requiring residence issue. So many students face that challenge.

@thumper1 I have tried to complete the FAFSA but got stuck when asked to choose the city of high school. I attended high school outside the states. It requires that I choose a state/city. Advice?

@kelsmom @happymomof1 How does this student residing outside the U.S. proceed on the fafsa? See post 11.


Are you saying there is no option for “other”…and that you can’t proceed? I find that hard to believe. Many, many expats residing outside the U.S. file a FAFSA form annually. They don’t attend HS in the United States.

There is an option for Foreign Country or Other (I forget which) - we just filled out FAFSAs and out daughter’s HS is in India. There was no problem.

@thumper1 @CValle I do not recall seeing those options. I’ll try again. Thank you so much!

Happy to share that I completed the Fafsa. Finally!!

I’m still confused why they would list “Foreign Country” in middle of all the other options- not arranged properly in my opinion but that is least of my concern right now. I’m just thrilled to have it complete.

Thanks everyone for the help and for clarifying the residency confusion.
I’m pretty sure I understand now.
Confirming: I can receive aid as a US citizen but tuition will be based on out of state since I’m not a resident.
Unless, of course, I claim residency -though each college has it’s own regulations.
I’ve got research to do.

What would be the best way to search for scholarships?

Thanks again for the help everyone!

You can’t just “claim” residency. You need to qualify for it.

The best scholarships are awarded directly by the colleges that admit you…so look on their websites to see criteria for scholarship consideration.

And lastly…check EACH college financial aid website to make sure you have submitted ALL required forms for consideration. Do any of your colleges require the Profile? Or one of their own financial aid forms? Check…and make sure.

Glad you got the fafsa done!

Scholarships come from the colleges themselves. Therefore you need to choose the list of colleges you apply to in relation to their financial aid policies: do they offer merit for your stats? (each college has its own policy) Do they “meet need”? What do the NPCs (net price calculators) say?