International St. Seeks Info (urgent)

<p>If i have a SAT 1680
and used study at an american school in brazil all the way till the end of my freshmen year
(not expelled, though, chose to leave due to rebel teenage stupidity - although i was in academic probation during my last, freshmen, year - for bad grades and an incident involving a school tech-system breach)</p>

<p>my doubt is if i left this institution at the end of 2005, am i still required to have a toefl score for applying to suffolk in boston??</p>

<p>cuz there's no way i can register for it, toefl exams are fully booked in brazil all the way to july or something like that</p>


<p>Email Suffolk and ask them. They are the only ones who can answer your question.</p>

<p>If TOEFL is booked up, find out if IELTS or another exam will serve instead.</p>

<p>thank you.</p>