International - still apply for FinAid?

<p>Recently I discovered that a foundation is going to pay like 48k for my college. But this isn<code>t enough to pay for U of C... And I</code>m an international. Should I still apply for Financial Aid? Will this be a synonym of "rejected"? Wouldn<code>t it be better if I don</code>t ask for Financial Aid, and then take loans (uuuugh, worst scenario)?</p>

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When reviewing international applications, Chicago takes into account whether or not an applicant has requested financial assistance. Applying for financial aid places you in an extremely competitive applicant pool. We therefore advise you to apply for financial aid only if you do not have the resources to fund your education.


<p>I believe cost of attendance is about 50k. 8-10k or so in student loans sounds like peanuts to me, considering that you can easily make about that much money in part-time and summer jobs.</p>

<p>Thank you so much, unalove! You're absolutely right...</p>

<p>wow... but is it 48k total, or 48k/year?</p>