International Student Acceptances - recieved yet?

<p>Hi - I'm wondering if any international students have recieved their decisions yet, and whether anyone's tried phoning or emailing the Admissions Office to find out their decision...or will we all just have to wait that week or so for the mail to arrive for us all?</p>

<p>where you at?
last year mine came on the 29th
im pakistani</p>

<p>I'm from England...hopefully it'll come soon then :)</p>

<p>nothing yet over here in singapore....

<p>No post in England tomorrow either, being a bank holiday (Easter Monday)...</p>

<p>I'm from Spain and haven't received anything yet</p>

<p>I cant wait to meet all you internationals. which part of spain? i am a huge la liga fan, go barca!!!
a friend of mine got his decision in pakistan
he got in!!!!</p>

<p>so how many internationals got their decision?
i really wanna get in!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i can sense your excitement...ipo is the is the best thing ever!!!! i cant wait for august!!! my ipo was superb..and being an ambassador is brilliant.</p>

<p>whats ur ipo.......??</p>

<p>the IPO i attended in aug 2004..ipo being international pre orientation.</p>

<p>o ok.. i still don't know what that is..</p>

<p>gtown has IPO each year. it is basically a pre orientation for internatioanal students, so they can acclimatize to the US and get a feel. for most students coming to gtown is their first visit to the US. it is before NSO which is new student orientation, and which is after IPO</p>

<p>right i see.. so u got into gtown im presuming?</p>

<p>no duh!
i am a freshman right now...attending gtown!!</p>

<p>oh rigghttt hahaha sorry.. im just so out of it!</p>

<p>i have this feeling.. this awful feeling that i didn't get in..
because i just got 3 acceptances from schools all dated 23/24/25th... and if i'm not wrong gtown sent out their decisions on the 24th ... so if it comes by express (fed ex/ tnt) it should have gotten here by now..
and since it hasnt... maybe i didnt get in...</p>

<p>I called and asked for my decision.. they said you can't get your decision by phone till this THURSDAY</p>

<p>Lol - the same as all my other schools...hopefully the post tomorrow might bring something...I too have a feeling I didn't get in siler_warez, so we're in the same boat :)</p>

<p>o god.. nick.... no.. :(
i hate this feeling..
barnard mailed their decisions out on 25th too and i already got it this morning.. so i honestly think gtown is a rejection..
cus as far as im concerned.. acceptances are couriered over by fed ex like my acceptances today
whereas rejections are small and insignificant so they take a long time..</p>

<p>and btw, its waVez not WAREZ</p>