International Student Admission Chance

I’m an international student from Hong Kong and I applied for English (Individual Major), Fall 2018. I haven’t received anything from sfsu yet and have already sent an email to inquire about my application status. They say they’re still reviewing my application.The high school that I’m attending does not provide GPA or grades on my transcript. There’re only marks and rankings. We usually don’t get very high marks here but it’s totally normal in HK, as the best student may only be able to get eighty sth percent of the total score. I ranked the top 5% in English but my results are not that good in other subjects (I ranked 30% up to 75% in some other subjects ). I’m afraid I can’t get in and they may not understand my transcript. I didn’t take the SAT but I got a 7.5 in IELTS and have won prizes in several English-related contests. What are my chances?