International Student applying for US Schools

<p>I'm from Canada, and I'm interested in applying for several US schools, but I'm concerned about how big of a difference in terms of chance it will make.</p>

<p>a) I need heavy financial aid, I have a single mother who.. well, she has a decent, stable income (45k?) but it's really not enough to afford a boarding school tuition (30k)</p>

<p>I'm from the pacific north-west (Go British Columbia!!) and most of the schools I want to apply to are on the east coast. Will that affect my chances alot too?</p>

<p>So; question in summary:
From Canada. Need FA.
I have solid ECs, & grades that I'm not too worried about, but the schools I'm interested in are:
Emma Williard
& Exeter (haha, yeah right)
The only.. semi-realistic one is Emma Williard and I'm wondering if they're generous in terms of financial aid.</p>

<p>Okay, I wrote too much, but the part I'm most concerned about is the whole Canada-FA thing, so if anybody has ANY information whatsoever on that, please tell! Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Could you give us any more info? It's a little hard to chance you without things like ssat scores, how your interview went, how you think your recc letters will be, what grade your applying to, ect. Be happy to chance you once you get that info down =)</p>

<p>ummm honestly... it helps that you are not an american citizen.... but during this economic situation idk how generous they are going to be with financial aid... maybe you could stay another year and repeat nineth? you would most likely get into exeter and get FA.... but a lot of schools endowments and such went realllllly far down so idk what to tell you... its really tough right now... but good luck with everything!.... and don't give up!</p>

<p>I don't really know what to tell you but, I <3 Vancouver!! We holiday there every year. Anyways, perhaps you can look up some lesser known schools, they are more likely to give you the FA you need.</p>

the better known schools like a and e usually give more FA because they have bigger endowments.
but we need info about your academics, ecs, ssats, interviews, etc. to chance you...</p>

<p>Yeah, Andover and Exeter do have more financial aid to give, but more people apply there. Perhaps you are an amazing applicant for a lesser-known school and only average at Andover or Exeter. Even though they have more Financial Aid to give, you might not even be accepted. But I agree with aspirant, since I don't know what your stats are, I can't really say.</p>