International Student Campus Visits

<p>Hey Guys!!</p>

<p>Im preparing my essays and was thinking of mentioning a couple of Campus visits that I will be taking this summer (finishing junior year,International Student from the Middle East). I am applying to the Ivies (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn-Wharton,Columbia, to be specific), and was wondering if this helped at all or is it just taking space??</p>

<p>Also, I overheard two people (unintentionally!) before my dreaded SAT test talking about their essays. One of them brought up the idea of fabricating a lie that they did a Campus tour/visit/Informational session!!! This is not fair to the people who actually flew all the way from one side of the Globe to visit the Campuses!! The real question is, how would the admissions committee know?? UGH!</p>



<p>Does mentioning ACTUAL campus visits help your essay (showing your enthusiasm and dedication)?</p>

<p>How can the Adcoms catch those annoying liers who say that they went for a Campus tour???!!</p>


<p>PLEASE, anybody? Id just like to see peoples' opinion on the matter!</p>

<p>I'll put you out of your misery..sort off!</p>

<p>The visits are useless when mentioned on essays!! Ivy schools specifically get a lot of visits and they don't take it as something importance. (LACs and small private schools are a whole different ball game!)</p>

<p>And as a matter of fact, the supplement app to each school would ask 'How did you get interested in our college?' and you can select Campus Visit among other things for that question SO NO point restating it in your essay!</p>

<p>Hope I helped!</p>

<p>Normally, no, I don't think this is weighed very much in the admissions process. However, it may be different for international applicants who had to fly here. But then again, that would probably just amount to whether you could afford it or not.</p>

<p>I as an international student vouch that it is of no use for ivy schools!!</p>

<p>Duke, UMich, UChicago would give it a LITTLE more importance but Ivy don't give any imp to it....I'd rather suggest you use the essay wisely on making your app stronger(duh!) :)</p>

<p>make it "stronger"? Please explain :S</p>

<p>Konig lol it seems funny calling someone king but whatever....</p>

<p>Making it stronger as in you would already be LISTING your ECs in your application but to make it stronger by picking an EC (or two) that you are really passionate about (and have achieved something in it) and then 'allude' it in your essay!! (IMP: I am saying allude it rather than make it your prime focus! Your prime focus is to seem interesting enough that the adcoms want to meet you in person...a TOUGH feat!)</p>

<p>Or you could explain about your volunteering/Community service in your essay because they want to see why you are doing the Volunteer work (And the humanitarian reason and not 'to buff up my resume')</p>

<p>I could go on and on about this and in fact I would have shown my first drafts as example (Not a masterpiece by a stretch but it does show me in a good and TRUTHFUL light) but YOU have to figure out your strengths and accentuate it in your essay by giving it a personal touch!</p>

<p>Get it?? AND MOST IMPORTANT BE TRUTHFUL don't write stuff just to write it!</p>

<p>How do you know that I am not a King/Prince??? Q_Q</p>

<p>I see, and yes I agree with you aswell. Theres an old arabic saying: "The rope of a lie is short", liers get caught!! haha thanks MajorQuest! owe you!</p>

<p>If you do end up being a real King/Prince THEN I might take you on that 'owing'!!!</p>

<p>I agree with that adage! And if you need any help then just PM me! I'll try my best to help!</p>

<p>@The World at large: A king/prince MIGHT be in my debt! :p</p>

<p>loool I'll donate a new Library at all the Ivies in your name :D haha</p>

<p>I'd like that, your Highness! :p</p>