International Student Chances at Cornell, Vanderbilt, U of T Austin, ect...

I’m an international student from Canada interested in going to the states for school.

I’d most likely be interested in a Communications degree or something along those lines. The schools I’m looking at are U of T Austin, Vanderbilt, Cornell and really any other suggestions that you’d think would match my statistics.

Straight A student - Honour roll every year

Lots of extra curricular (accordion, vocal, leadership groups, school camp counsellor, school leader, sports leader club, varsity basketball team, ect.)

Took a Cornell Summer Course last summer in Debate and Rhetoric and earned an A

Weak SAT on my first try (1850, but I’m taking it again in September)

I don’t need any financial aid

So basically if I improve on my SAT (which I’m definitely going to do now that my parents got my a tutor) is there a chance I could get into any of these schools? I would appreciate any feedback or guidance here.

You will need to get in to the high 2200s on the SAT to have a match for the schools you listed. There are also SAT Subject Tests requirements for some schools. If you have those you will be fit for those colleges. Other than SAT I and SAT II, you are set.