International Student Chances

I’m an International High School senior applying to US this year. I did O and A-levels and am graduating with a 4.95/5 GPA and 1st Rank. I couldn’t take the SAT hence I applied to colleges test-optional. I got into a few colleges Early Action but the financial aid wasn’t sufficient. In the Regular Decision round I’ve only received rejections from Stevens, Bowdoin, Swarthmore and Carleton. What are my chances of getting into colleges like Claremont Mckenna, Colgate, NYU and IVY’s.

I’m sorry. Getting into a US college and then having them pay for your education is straight up hard.

Except Colgate all of the places you have already heard from have higher acceptance rates than the places that have already said no, so statistically your chances are lower.

It is telling that Bowdoin, which is need-blind for internationals, has said no already. You are pretty much down to HYP & Dartmouth, so I would start looking at your Plan B. If lightening strikes- hoorah! but if it doesn’t you will be prepared.

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I’ve already gotten into the top college in my country but US college education was definitely a dream of mine. I’m still negotiating financial aid packages with my early action colleges. But you’re right getting aid as an international student is tough

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Stevens - ie Stvens Inst of Technology?

Int students are revenue for privates. They’ll take you if the $$ are enough.


Yes - understood - that’s why I’m asking. If he didn’t get in there, of course he wasn’t getting into the others…was my hypothesis. They admit over half of applicants. And yes, being international and need aware makes a difference!!

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You will just have to wait and see. Most of these schools are need aware for admissions for international students. So your level of financial need can be considered when you admissions application is reviewed.

You will have all of your results for colleges here soon.

Wow, that’s tough. Even though your academic record is great, I do think that your application would have been helped by a standardized test score. You might want to take the SAT now, just in case you decide to apply again for next year. As for acceptances from the remaining schools, you just cannot tell. It’s a long shot, but who knows? One might take you and give you fin aid.

Sorry…I missed this. That’s a good thing.