International student DD packing for midwest USA.

I have not posted in a while so first an update. My daughter got acceptance at one of her colleges of choice in the
midwest. She very much likes to do all her things for herself by herself very independent. So I can only try to give small suggestions/tips on what to take. She will be travelling with her father so she can take more kg of luggage since he packs few clothes whenever he travels. Winters have been very mild here so she needs new good winterclothes for the midwest.

I have a child at a school in the Midwest. I’m happy to offer advice, but your question isn’t completely clear. Do you want to know what sorts of clothes and other items she should take overall? Or are you just asking about cold-weather clothing?

What school will your daughter be attending? Or at least, what state or city will she be in?

Flip flops to be used exclusively in the showers, a large towel and/or a robe. Nothing electrical.
She should buy her coat where her college is located. She’ll have to buy some things locally (near the college) anyway - sheets, shower caddie…

Congratulations! Wait until she gets here to purchase outerwear. Just give her some $$ or access to the credit card so she can get what she needs. Where in the Midwest will she be? It makes a difference as to whether she’ll be wanting wool sweaters or not. Again, though, these are probably things she’ll be better of just purchasing when she gets here.

If she starts college in August…she isn’t immediately going to need winter clothes. Save space…order those for delivery to her at her college address once she SEES what others wear. I would send her with a fleece jacket, as those are nice for cool fall days and can be layered well if it gets colder.

If she has not worn wool before…make sure that it’s comfortable for her BEFORE you buy. My DD can’t wear wool…and neither can I…it is far too itchy. We stick to cotton…even in the winter.

Agree with others…but the winter clothes here. Don’t schlep.

Oh…and remind your DD…dorm rooms are not very big…she will have likely a SMALL closet and only a couple of dresser drawers. All the stuff from her suitcases will need to fit in those spots.

Less is more!

We tell our international students to wait to purchase winter items until it is closer to winter. The selection will be better, the prices will be better, and they will have a chance to see what others are wearing (for example, at some schools a North Face jacket is the thing … where I work, a jacket from Salvation Army is the thing!). I recall a student from Dubai who bought boots & brought them by to show our office staff. We immediately told her to return them & get warmer, waterproof boots! Once your D knows people, it will be easier to make choices.

IMHO she should bring some layerable tops to take her through the first month or two. She could buy the top layer(s) once she gets here, for that matter. Not knowing where she lives now, and how far north in the Midwest she will be going to school, it is difficult to know how she might react to the potential change in temperature.

A few pairs of shorts, casual skirts, and pants would be good. If she has a few special dresses/outfits that she particularly likes for dressier occasions, bring those. Athletic wear, if she uses it. A few pairs of shoes. A favorite shawl/throw, scarves, yes. Shoes, but not boots.

No electronics, no winter outerwear, no bedding. A few packable decorative items from home that can’t be duplicated here, yes.