International student: GC says he didn't find International supplement in his account

<p>Hello, I am an international student and the schools I am applying to have listed ISS as a requirement to be fulfilled by my GC? But my GC says that there isn't any form named IS or ISS in his naviance. Only forms that he has filled out is SR (School Report) and (Mid-Year report).</p>

<p>I have registered at common app as an international student and my school is outside US and has non-US based curriculum.</p>

<p>Now, what should I do? How will my GC submit an ISS? Please respond.
Thank you. Good day and good luck.</p>

<p>Hi. SAAME problem with me.... aahh.. did you find a solution to your problem?</p>

<p>This is the solution: have your counselor select INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in his profile. That will enable the International Supplement.</p>

<p>yeah thanks.. I managed to solve the problem.. it wasn't that.. actually, my counselor had two email addresses and apparently, I used the one that wasn't linked to her common app account. So she could see my profile but couldn't enter any supplement or anything. SO PEOPLE, make sure you enter the email address your counselor gives you! haha so relieved my prob is solved!</p>